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Bringing our city streets and laneways to life


What is Splash Adelaide?

Splash Adelaide co-creates with the community to bring the city’s spaces to life through innovative activations, events and projects. The unique, experimental ideas increase the vibrancy and vitality of the city.

Splash Adelaide provides support to give individuals and businesses the opportunity to trial new ideas or build their brand through experiential activities. Support ranges from marketing assistance and furniture hire, through to road closures, parking controls, permit approvals, permission to use spaces and much more.

Since its inception in 2011, the program has successfully supported over 500 unique events and projects ranging from, music festivals to pop up playgrounds and street art installations. Signature Splash events have included the food truck extravaganza, Fork on the Road and the Adelaide Night Market.

Why does Splash Adelaide exist?

  1. To foster creativity and entrepreneurism in the city
  2. To facilitate growth in creative business and industries
  3. To ensure the city has an exciting and broad range of events and activities in a variety of places throughout the year
  4. To enable and facilitate community driven projects.

What is the application process? 

Do you have a brilliant idea for an event or project that you want to bring to life in the city of Adelaide? If you’re a creative, an innovator, an entrepreneur, we can help you activate the city. No matter how big or small the idea, if it livens our city, we’re interested! It could be a pop up play space, outdoor art gallery, artisan market or community garden. Whatever your idea, think big, think small, think different. Take a Splash and get involved. For more information about Splash Adelaide, please get in touch with us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Are there guidelines that a Splash Adelaide project must adhere to?

Yes, please study the Splash Project guidelines closely. 

I am a mobile food vendor, can Splash Adelaide help me?

Splash Adelaide is a separate program to the Mobile Food Vendor program. 

All enquiries regarding mobile food vending permits and trading opportunities should be directed to City of Adelaide customer centre on (08) 8203 7203.

I am receiving a grant from another City of Adelaide program. Can I also apply to be part of Splash Adelaide?

Yes. As long as the project or event you are applying for with Splash is not the same as the project you are receiving the grant for.

Can I collaborate with an existing business and/or community group on my project?

Yes, we encourage collaborations that are mutually beneficial to a variety of stakeholders.

What happens if I am successful?

You will be contacted by your Splash Adelaide Consultant who will be your go-to person throughout your experience to guide and assist you in making your event or project a success.

How many times can my event/project be supported by Splash Adelaide?

The same event/project can potentially be supported for up to three seasons.