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7 Senses Day Sensory Trail

Image for 7 Senses Day Sensory Trail


Imagine if a walk in the City was a feast for all your senses – sight, sounds, touch, taste, smell, movement and balance!
Step off the footpath and enjoy an experience for all your senses, slip off your shoes and try out the different surfaces under your feet, test out your tastebuds with some taste testing and enjoy some great games.
Thought there were only 5 senses? Read about the 7 senses here!
The 7 Senses Day is an annual event that temporarily transforms public and private spaces to show how they can be more engaging and inclusive if they cater for our 7 senses – –


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Saturday 7 November 10am-1pm


Bank Street Parklets
Below is a map showing the location of 7 Senses Day Sensory Trail at Bank Street Parklets