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Adelaide Gymnaestrada


The name Gymnaestrada is formed from the words gymnastik (international name for all sports relating to gymnastics), estrada (stage) and strada (street)

Gymnaestrada and other performance-based events provide the opportunity to celebrate movement and physical activity in a non-competitive environment while capturing the true essence of the ‘Gymnastics for All’ and ‘Active for Life’ philosophies of sport and recreation.

These events enable active participation for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or ability. Participants share in the fun and excitement of performing and demonstrating their physical, technical, and creative abilities inspired by a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional gymnastics disciplines.

Depending on the specific event, performances may be done indoors or outdoors, and the few rules that exist typically relate to the length of the performance and the number of performers, which means there are endless possibilities to explore and push the boundaries of gymnastics.

There are a wide range of opportunities to showcase one’s passion and love of gymnastics through community, provincial, national, and even world events.

SPLASH ADELAIDE has given Gymnastics SA the opportunity for gymnasts attending the Adelaide Gymnastrada to perform in the streets of Adelaide to exhibit their routines. The performance will also include a ‘come and try’ for the audience in the event. We welcome all

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Saturday 2 December, 11am – 1pm


North Terrace (near Museum)