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Boucle De Burbs


On the 28th of August we’re rolling out for a tour of Adelaide’s backstreets and alleyways. The Boucle De Burbs will be the perfect opportunity to devote your Sunday to fun times in the saddle, shared with friends and family, and discovering a different route through the inner suburbs.

The Boucle is not designed to be a race, nor a gruelling journey, but instead an outing with prospects for taking in the scenery and happening upon some perfect spots for a refreshing and refuelling snack, lunch, brew or beverage. The course has been mapped out not only to track as many lanes as possible but also to pass some of Adelaide’s best cafes that are peppered through the burbs.

So, let’s hope for fine weather (or prepare with a raincoat and fenders) because rain or shine the fifth annual Boucle De Burbs will set off from Bonython Park Pond from 12pm Sunday August 28th. The course is approximately 40km and you have the day to complete it, so take your time and enjoy the ride.

There are prizes galore so get creative, the more you stand out the better your chances. Coffee, Pastries and Burgers will also be available to curve those hunger pains.

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Sunday 28 August 12pm- 5pm


Meet at Bonython Park Pond
Below is a map showing the location of Boucle De Burbs at Meet at Bonython Park Pond