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Boxing Day Cup

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Melbourne’s not the only place for cricket on Boxing Day: This year, Adelaide’s finest musicians and bartenders will go head to head in one of the greatest sporting traditions never known. Last year, the Rockatoos came within a semitone of stealing victory from the hands of the Eagle Blues but the bartenders held their nerve to see out a scintillating draw equal parts courage, determination and grit.

This year the stakes are higher, the moustaches bushier and the mullets longer. The teams have spent twelve months licking their wounds, practicing their off spin and honing their sledging; they’re hungry for the two-dollar-fifty sausage in bread of glory and the lemonade can of immortality and they’re ready to do it for honour, justice and the great state of South Australia.

This year features a live broadcast from Radio Adelaide, the world famous Dad Barbecue, The pop up Cricketers Arms Bar, moderately less partisan umpiring and significantly more sledging.

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Friday 26 December, 2pm 2014


Bonython Park
Below is a map showing the location of Boxing Day Cup at Bonython Park