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Boxing Day Cup 2016


The Boxing Day Cup is no ordinary cricket match, it's an annual tradition. It's the revered match-up between two of Adelaide's most respected communities; Musicians and Hospitality workers. Both work ungodly hours for very little money, and they do it all for our entertainment.

The Boxing Day Cup pits the two of them against each other in a 20/20 cricket match that is, in essence, for our entertainment too. The only thing different is that we’ll have a champion to praise once it’s all over.

The 2016 edition will be held at Park 25 on the Western Outskirts of the Adelaide CBD. Now in it’s fourth year, the Cup has a glorious history steeped in tradition. The ledger is even, with both teams registering a win after the inaugural cup ended in a draw. This year the cup is proud to support Radio Adelaide, our broadcast partner, Australia's first community radio station and one of the most influential voices in our community. The event aims to drive subscribers to Radio Adelaide as well as raise money to help keep the station on-air.

This is a family friendly event and will feature a very special national anthem performed by Peter Combe, a live Radio Broadcast, a really great raffle, a bar in a boat and so much more more. The event is strictly no BYO, with all profits raised donated to Radio Adelaide.

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Monday 26th December 2-8pm


Park 25
Below is a map showing the location of Boxing Day Cup 2016 at Park 25