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Bus Stop Activations

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This December we are partnering with a group of Uni students to activate some plain old bus stops into something arty, fun and engaging! We are making selected bus shelters in the city into miniature pockets of joy to increase social engagement amongst Adelaidians, and promote the positive spirit of the community by changing the perception of ‘waiting for a bus’ to one which highlights the positive conveniences our public transport system and the people who provide it to us every day.

We have connected with two local small businesses, Mlkman and East End Flower Market, who will each be sponsoring a bus stop which reflects the nature of their product or service through a fun and quirky medium. The Mlkman sponsored stop will be transformed into a restaurant, complete with its own butler; an installation reflecting the concept of their app which brings your favourite restaurants to you wherever you are through its fast food delivery service. The second bus-stop will be transformed to a beautiful lush garden covered in vines and flowers, sponsored by Grenfell Street florist, East End Flower Market. The final bus stop will be Christmas themed for the week leading up to the big day!

Head down to Stop G3 on Grenfell St and I3 on North Terrace to check out the installations from 11 December.

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From 12 December 2015


Stop G3 on Grenfell St and I3 on North Terrace
Below is a map showing the location of Bus Stop Activations at Stop G3 on Grenfell St and I3 on North Terrace