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Cosmic Array


Sacred Resonance & HardHack Presents: Cosmic Array.

Join us for a day and evening experience of an array 16 individual cosmic ray detectors on the Elder Park foreshore in Adelaide. This is a part of the Splash Adelaide 2017 Winter Festival.

Built in collaboration with artist-musicians - Darren Curtis & Bradley Pitt (Sacred Resonance) and Robert Hart (Hardhack).

When the public come to visit this installation, they will experience how cosmic rays are all around us and arrive in showers of particles. Each detector will seem to randomly twinkle with colours and sounds that are triggered by cosmic rays. The experience will be not unlike walking through a maze of colourful wind chimes.

However, as cosmic rays arrive in showers of particles, some of these detectors will trigger in unison and others randomly. A similar experience to what can be witnessed in nature like the sounds of Cicadas or the flashing light of Fireflies, where both sound and light fade in and out from randomness into unison.

Cosmic Rays have been present throughout the entire evolutionary history of life on our planet and so this display reinforces our connection with the universe and the importance of science and understanding the natural world.

However, the project has no agenda other than the first of what we hope are thought-provoking art/science installations. Which will provide an interesting window into the universe and the natural world around us, leaving the observer to form their own connections and conclusions.

Free event.

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Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd September, 11am - 11pm


Elder Park foreshore, Adelaide