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Electro Live


For the second year, Fresh 92.7 in conjunction with Futuresounds Adelaide, Yewth, Novatech, and local businesses in the Cinema Place laneway - The Elephant British Pub, The Howling Owl & Urban Cow Studio, and Palace Nova Cinema – presents ELECTRO LIVE. Grab a drink and a bite to eat, and experience an intimate, one of a kind free evening, showcasing some of Adelaide’s brightest up and coming electronic artists.

Join us in the Cinema Place Laneway come public lounge room, just off Vaughan Place, especially activated for one night only as part of ‘Umbrella Winter City Sounds’. Decked out with couches, rugs, and heaters, you can expect everything from hard-hitting kicks to electric swing, from cosmic disco to haunting vocals, and everything in between.

As boundaries between genres of music and types of artists continue to fall away, contemporary singer/songwriters are increasingly expanding their sonic palettes through the use of electronic music technology. They’re moving away from working with just a standard acoustic guitar, whilst traditional electronic music producers are experimenting with live performance, vocals, and instruments, thus broadening the scope of electronic music.

Artists include; HARTWAY (ft. Lesley Williams), CAROLINE and  SOUTHPAW. Hosted by Fresh 92.7’s Wavelength Presenter, Zane Dean, Electro Live provides a unique experience which will expose audiences to original, distinctive and passionate performers whilst allowing them to get to know our three artists in a way that a usual gig doesn’t provide for.

Electro Live is a warming balm for any soul on a chilly winter night. Come along for the music, but indulge in the experience.

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Wednesday 19 July, 7pm-9pm


Cinema Place Laneway, Adelaide