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Follow the White Rabbit

Image for Follow the White Rabbit


After the incredible success of their Studio Ghibli exhibition in July, which lead over 3,000 people to explore the Himeji Gardens, Espionage Gallery are doing it all again, but this time they’re taking you down the rabbit hole.

As homage to John Dowie’s Alice statue, who overlooks the lake in Rymill Park, Espionage will conjure up an immersive Wonderland experience for one day only.

Art from 40 Adelaide, Australian and international artists will be strung up around the Rymill Park Island located in the middle of the lake. Pieces from Marjolein Caljouw (Netherlands), Matt Saunders/Rabbit Portal (England), Joanna Krotka (Poland), Jen Mundy (USA), Izabela Stanic (Canada), Asa Ishino (Japan), Cameron Brideoake (Melbourne), and Creature Creature (Melbourne) are being summoned for the event and all will be for sale on the day.

Though the artwork will be the centre of this bouquet of painted red roses, there will be an unsettling carnival atmosphere with the help of gypsy jazz band Monsiuer Swing, Chess Life, art workshops from Tsunami Hee Ja, performances and demonstrations not to mention a hookah-smoking caterpillar or two.

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Sat 17 January, 10am - 6pm


Rymill Park Island
Below is a map showing the location of Follow the White Rabbit at Rymill Park Island