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Gardener’s Palette

Image for Gardener’s Palette


Complementing Herbie on Hutt, the retro sprouting place of fresh herbs and vegetables, the Gardener’s Palette created by local artist Cheri Isabella brings a splash of colour to the beautiful parklands on the corner of Hutt Road and South Terrace.

Featuring beautiful flowers to create a lovely palette of pinks and purples, the Gardener’s Palette adds beautiful floral scents which intensify during summer evenings. This installation pays tribute to South Australian artists, and artists everywhere replacing paint for flowers and bringing to life just one of the mediums artists use to create their own masterpieces.

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From December 2015


The corner of Hutt Road and South Terrace
Below is a map showing the location of Gardener’s Palette at The corner of Hutt Road and South Terrace