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International Youth Day Installation

Image for International Youth Day Installation


Expect to be blown away, by a colourful balloon artwork in celebration of World Youth Day on Wednesday 12 August. Eynesbury Senior College students in collaboration with local artist Lucy Bonnin will install this ‘pop up’ art in fencing next to the Eynesbury College Campus on the corner of Franklin and Morialta Street in the CBD.

The theme of World Youth Day is Youth Civic Engagement and the students hope that this artwork will help raise awareness about the importance of youth engagement and participating in politics and public life.

Eynesbury Senior College student, Hafiza Garipov said “Young people’s opinions do matter and they can contribute to society, we hope it will inspire more to become involved in their community.”


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Wednesday 12 August


The corner of Franklin Street and Morialta Street
Below is a map showing the location of International Youth Day Installation at The corner of Franklin Street and Morialta Street