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Over the last month, your ‘local’ stories of the city have been collected: the stories that only 'locals' know… the local characters, the natural wonders, the rhythms of the City of Adelaide... documenting your connection to the city. A public art exhibition of the collected stories featuring the 'art cubes' will be launched at the end of September, and will travel to various locations across the city. Wander past the Art Cubes and be reminded of the City’s strong and diverse community, and share your own story too!

Location 1: Minor Works Building, Ergo Apartments - from Friday 29th September (for approx.. 2 weeks in each location)

Location 2: Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi (Park 16) – from 16th October

Location 3: Glover Playground / Nantu Wama (Park 6) – from 30th October


Exhibition Dates: Friday 29th September – 10th November

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Friday 29th September – 10th November


Roving around the City