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Lose Yourself


Find  yourself while you Lose Yourself in the maze at Glover Park!

Local Artist Cheri Isabella has installed ‘Lose Yourself’ in Park 20/Kurangga within the Glover playground, so you can literally lose yourself amongst this fantastic maze created out of wooden pallets.

Cheri, has also invited people to come along and paint the maze so if you want to add your own splash of colour to this installation, you are welcome to.

This is a perfect way to enjoy the sunshine, or keep cool in the shade during summer time and suitable for all ages. Enjoying the maze? Take a snap and tag us on Instagram. Be quick though, Lose Yourself will only be up for a limited time!

"You have to lose yourself to find yourself." Willhelm Dafoe

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From 24 November


Park 20/Kurrangga (within Glover Playground)
Below is a map showing the location of Lose Yourself at Park 20/Kurrangga (within Glover Playground)