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Monkey House


In collaboration with Ghostnote studio, Swirl Records are proud to present their curated event as part of ‘Umbrella, Winter City Sounds’ for the second year running.

Aligned with the re-launch of formerly Capital Sounds Studio, MONKEYHOUSE will premiere the re-vitalised and re-imagined Ghostnote studio who will co-host the event.

In keeping with Umbrella’s ideology of activating spaces and bringing the city to life in the gloomy months, Swirl Records brings a punk rock music event to Gunson St in the CBD.

MONKEYHOUSE will feature sets from two nationally touring bands, one headline Adelaide act and a plethora of young local talent amassing to six bands in total.

Aptly named MONKEYHOUSE, the festival is a nod to author Kurt Vonnegut's series of short stories. Set in a futuristic time of population control and totalitarian type government, the event is a casual flip off to the monotony of society and the powers that be.

It is our pleasure to welcome to Adelaide for the first time, hell bending perth outfit Hideous Sun Demon who have been gaining traction and recognition around the country for their energetic live performance and mind melting punk. The AU REVIEW wrote “Hideous Sun Demon have lit a fire under the asses of a few who might’ve been wondering what the west coast was cooking up

Alongside the Perth punk rockers is Melbourne based surf rock trio Dump Punts who’ve been riding the waves of their latest release ‘Coupla Couplas’. Their laidback attitude and instantly relatable tunes have landed them support slots with the likes of SKEGGS and DUNE RATS as well as an appearance at Falls Festival.

Tickets can be purchased here.

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Saturday 29 July, from 5pm


Car Park on Gunson Street, Adelaide
Below is a map showing the location of Monkey House at Car Park on Gunson Street, Adelaide