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Musk Sticks for Energy - Elon Musk Tribute


The Sunshine Coast has the Big Pineapple. Kingston has the Big Lobster. Now Hindmarsh Square is home to our very own.... Big Musk Sticks.

A gigantic, sweet tribute to Elon Musk’s company Tesla building the world’s largest lithium-ion battery here in South Australia.Utilitarian street signs in Hindmarsh Square have been transformed into giant musk sticks to create an authentically South Australian homage to Elon Musk’s company, Tesla.

Keeping with the battery’s environmentally-friendly purpose, Musk Sticks is a temporary exhibit constructed from repurposed wood and painted with eco-friendly paints.

Layla and Pippa, who were awarded first and second place at the Communication Council's 2017 Award School, said:

We’d initially planned to build the musk sticks around street lamps as a more direct tribute to Tesla helping power SA. But using lamps meant limiting the materials we were able to build with. So we decided to liven up Hindmarsh Square’s signs with 12 musk sticks made from repurposed materials.

After the musk sticks' season on the street (end of March 2018), they will be donated to outdoor STEM building programs at local primary schools.

Check out the tribute next time you’re in the city to be transported back to schoolyard days – at Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide CBD.

Hopefully this shock of pink will remind people there really is something sweet about the city in which we live.

Just don't try to eat them - they are handmade from wood!

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Until March 30 2018


Hindmarsh Square