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Raiders of the Lost Archives


Following on from the success of their hit games Citydash and Undercover, adventure architects Fire Hazard Games are set to bring

a new game to Adelaide with Raiders of the Lost Archive, debuting on the 15th of January at the State Library of South Australia.

Raiders of the Lost Archive takes the escape room trend a step further with a richer cast of characters, a high energy challenge and the whole library as the game world. Teams of adventurers must explore the library over 90 minutes, following clues, solving puzzles and competing with up to twenty other teams of adventurers. With different clues opening up at different times for each team there are opportunities to lay false trails, tail rival teams and compete to be the top of the leaderboard before time runs out!

This game depends on wits, not speed, and savvy players will have an edge over fast ones. The live scoreboard and wide range of clues; from the hunt-and-find to the super-cryptic create friendly competition at all levels.

For more info and to buy tickets, visit:

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Sunday 15 Jan - 2pm (SOLD OUT) Tuesday 17 Jan - 2pm Thursday 19 Jan - 2pm Sunday 22 Jan - 2pm


State Library of South Australia
Below is a map showing the location of Raiders of the Lost Archives at State Library of South Australia