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A celebration of our ever changing city SEE HEAR SPLASH GALLERY is an opportunity to view vivid images printed on fabric capturing charming aspects of the growing metropolis that is Adelaide. Taking from his experiences as a living book in the Mortlock Library for Adelaide Festival 2006 artist and writer David Paul Jobling offers optional personal poetry readings or a five minute artist talks or conversations about the work, “A poem is like a little massage for your brain,” says Jobling.

Jobling’s visual art has been exhibited in Melbourne’s Performing Arts Museum, the Art Gallery of NSW, Adelaide’s Tooth and Nail Gallery; his theatre works include Puppy Love, Onkaparinga River and Little Big Black Dog he was an artist-in-residence at Adelaide City Library during Mental Health Week 2014 screen printing poetry onto apparel, presenting workshops, forums and showing his work.

As a performer Jobling appeared in locally produced films including: “The Money Movers”, “Dr Plonk”, “Robbery Under Arms” and “The term of his natural life”. He has been a featured artist on Radio National’s Life Matters as well as local ABC and community radio.

“Like any vibrant city, Adelaide reinvents itself around us constantly; we see the dance between the historic and the new, cranes on the skyline, construction, reconstruction. It can never be everything you want it to be but like any growing identity it is beautiful despite bad hair days or sudden pimples. As it changes and matures, the same as anything you love, there are moments when you capture a shot to remember it by as it is for this moment because before too long you know, you’ll look again at a favourite view and the view will have changed…” -
For more information follow the hash tag #SeeHearADL on Twitter and Facebook. Follow @djobling on Twitter.

Installation dates:

Victoria Square (Southern End-Fountain)
Friday 12 August 2-6pm

Light Square
Friday 19 August 2-6pm

North Terrace (War Memorial)
Friday 26 August 2-6pm

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9 September


Victoria Square (Northern End-Promenade)
Below is a map showing the location of SEE HEAR SPLASH GALLERY at Victoria Square (Northern End-Promenade)