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Stop! In The Name Of Art!

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Stop! In The Name Of Art! is a temporary art installation and social experiment which will take place in Adelaide during November and December this year, challenging the public to perceive art without the benefit of it’s context.

12 artworks will be stripped of all evidence of who created them, where these artists are from, how and why each piece was created and where they were created. They will then be displayed as part of a pop-up gallery in Rundle Mall where viewers will be asked to choose their favourite piece and explain their reason why it appeal to them based purely on its aesthetic appeal.

This anonymous feedback will then become the foundation of an online community for the project, where personal taste will dictate the most popular pieces. At the end of the project each artist will be revealed – will those with established reputations stack up to the public critique?

Stop! In The Name Of Art! aims to challenge some of the fundamental framework of the art world. Can you tell us why you like a picture, just from looking at it?

Share your opinion and we’ll share it with the world.

Pop-Up Gallery Dates:
Week 1 – Fri 28 Nov from 5pm & Sat 29 Nov from 12pm @ Rundle Mall
Week 2 – Fri 5 Dec from 4-9pm @ Art Battle Spectacular, Light Square // Sat 6 Dec from 12pm @ Rundle Mall
Week 3 – Fri 12 Dec from 5pm @ Rundle Mall // Sat 13 Dec from 12pm @ Rundle Mall

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Fri 5 Dec, 4-9pm


Rundle Mall
Below is a map showing the location of Stop! In The Name Of Art! at Rundle Mall