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Timon of Athens


A decadent party. A cautionary tale. An exploration of what can happen when friendships are bought with money.

Symposium Productions has brought together a cast of talented South Australian actors to create an immersive and interactive Shakespeare experience taking place in and around the Victoria Park Grandstand.

Enter “Athens”, an exclusive gathering taking place in the members stand of a horse race. Explore the luxurious lifestyles of a group of privileged 20-somethings while social unrest bubbles. Meet Timon, a wealthy man who thinks he has it all, and witness his fall from luxury to poverty.

Philosophical and innovative, this production will see a rarely-performed Shakespearean play brought into the modern day: is Timon a reckless smashed-avocado-eating millennial, or the victim of a society made up of credit, debt and false friends? You are invited to move around the space and interact with actors in order to come to your own conclusions.


Buy your tickets

Adults: $12.50

Concession: $8.00

Preview: $6.00


Dates and Times:

Thursday 28/9: 7:00pm

Friday 29/9: 7:00pm

Saturday 30/9: 2:00pm

Saturday 30/9: 6:30pm

Sunday 1/10: 6:30pm

Monday 2/10: 7:00pm


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From Thursday 28 September


The Grandstand in Victoria Park/Pakapakanthi
Below is a map showing the location of Timon of Athens at The Grandstand in Victoria Park/Pakapakanthi