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Splash Success Story: Treadly Bike Shop x Maker

Sam from Treadly Bike Shop experienced first-hand the benefits of partnering with Splash Adelaide to launch his successful event Maker – a street festival celebrating the passion, artistry and craftsmanship behind Australian cycling products. The event has just had its third year of transforming Ebenezer Place into a bustling bicycle extravaganza.


We chat to Sam about his Splash experience

How did Splash Adelaide help your business?

Maker was a huge success this year with invaluable support from the Splash Adelaide team. Their hands on approach reassured us that we were ticking all of the right boxes in the lead up to the event. The financial assistance we received to help cover the costs of a permit, road closure and insurance was a huge help. We also received great exposure through Splash’s promotional channels which really helped to build excitement around the event and draw a crowd to Ebenezer on the day.

Why did you, as a business owner, apply for Splash Adelaide support?

We don’t have the capital to produce events like this. Without the support of Splash, MAKER would not happen. We applied to receive the support from our local Council to improve and enhance the use of the city and its laneways. 

What did you like about being involved with Splash Adelaide? 

Having a dedicated Splash Consultant to put you in touch with the right people and provide assistance with organising our event, to make sure it ran seamlessly.

What advice do you have for other business owners considering applying to be a part of Splash Adelaide?

Utilise the Splash program to its full potential. It is a great incentive to create a stronger community and brand for your business. 


Splash sat down with a few fellow Splash event organisers to get the skinny on what it was like working with Splash Adelaide…

Names:  Tash Weggery and David Porcaro

Event/Project Name:  Nutella-Palooza

What did you like about being involved with Splash Adelaide?  The hands on approach from Splash Adelaide made us feel reassured that we were ticking all the right boxes in the lead up to the event. Providing guidance and networking with all the right people made our experience not only seamless but also enjoyable. They also have an awesome sense of humour!

What does Splash Adelaide mean to you? Adelaide Alive.  Fun. Activation. Creativity. Community.  Splash encompasses all these qualities in everything they engage in. Also a great sound board for new concepts and ideas to be brought to the people.

Advice to people wanting to be a part of Splash? Whatever the idea, APPLY!! Then consider the work, no matter how small the idea or crazy, there will be a lot of ground work to cover before anything happens. Be prepared to face challenges and adapt your concept but through the whole process enjoy it, because your smile will shine through your event.

Benefits of Splash? The expertise they bring to the table is amazing and undoubtedly you will need it.  Also their knowledge of Adelaide and how the community engages with it is fantastic. Along the way you will make friends and network with new people and create lasting relationships, thats a win. The continued support they offer through out the whole planning and execution of the event is a huge benefit.

Take a Splash and apply


Name: Kat Coppock

Event/Project Name: The Art Battle Spectacular

What did you like about being involved with Splash Adelaide? Splash Adelaide gave me the ability to do something I'd never considered before- run a full scale event within the CBD! I had always thought the Council too remote and complex to approach about running any sort of arts event, but with Splash Adelaide's advice, networking prowess, and helpful advice I not only was able to navigate their approvals process, but  I learned so many skills that were essential to the Art Battle events becoming a success! The consultants that I worked with were wonderful, helpful, knowledgeable not only in Council matters but general event planning.  They had contacts that I needed, and we'rent afraid to share! I'll never forget how proud we all felt when the first ABS was a success, I honestly couldn't have done it without them.

What does Splash Adelaide mean to you? Splash Adelaide to me means support for people who want to do amazing thing in this city and make it a exciting place to be, but would not otherwise have the means to create their idea.  They are a dedicated force for Awesome within this mile square, proving that even though we are a small city, there is scope for us to have fun, be creative, and broaden our minds to what can be done with empty streets and somewhat of a plan.  There's no reason to be bored in Adelaide, and Splash helps everyone to achieve and realise that vision.

Advice to people wanting to be a part of Splash? Give yourself time to realise your vision! I had no idea of the scope of the first event, and every time it was repeated it got a little bit larger and a little bit crazier! By the third event we had over 400 people attend, I was running a bar and a marketplace, as well as managing artists and volunteers! It was crazy! Make sure that you have enough people to help you with everything, and give yourself time to plan and backup plan so on the day your not running around trying to sort out all those hiccups that while they seem little could turn out to be huge!

Benefits of Splash? All of the above! Because of this program I am now getting inquiries from interested parties in repeating the events, or running other events that they have planned.  Applying for the program not only helped me do something cool I've always thought about doing, but its also helped take my personal skill set to the next level, helping me to create a business out of what I love. 


Name: Sam Wright

Event: Moving Music 

What did you like about being involved with Splash Adelaide? There is something great about putting your passion into an arts project that hopefully in turn gives something of benefit to the people of a city. Splash Adelaide helped provide the catalyst to making ideas realities for Moving Music and it does the same for other people’s ideas too within the city. Splash Adelaide helps to enable interesting projects by the people, for the people.

What does Splash Adelaide mean to you? It means the opening of our city to people for play time. We all need to play some more.

Advice to people wanting to be a part of Splash? Talk with people who have created projects partly through Splash Adelaide, find out about their experiences, learn about whether you could create such an experience and go forward with the idea and start making it real. Set up a meeting with Splash Adelaide, talk them through it and make it happen.

Benefits of Splash? Splash is a helping hand from your city council, who can do many things to aid you in making this city a tad more liveable, closing a laneway, waiving a permit fee etc… Embrace that!


Name: Hannah and Nick Thwaites

Company: The Productive Garden Co

What did you like about being involved with Splash Adelaide? How easy it was to get a fun project up and happening!

What does Splash Adelaide mean to you? Being involved in Splash Adelaide gives TPGCo an opportunity to share the excitement of ‘growing gardens you can eat’ with a wide-ranging audience, both in physical spaces and in the online world.

Practically, we could watch our social media presence grow day-by-day during the 2-week ‘Picnic Lane’ project thanks to the Splash team’s utilisation of various platforms (facebook, twitter, instagram) and we could revel in watching Adelaideans enjoy the space we’d created. Importantly, it connected us with the community at large and with great folk doing exciting things in and around Adelaide – making future collaborative opportunities a possibility!

Advice to people wanting to be a part of Splash? Go for it! Ask the Splash team as many questions as you need, connect with their skills and don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Benefits of Splash? The opportunities are limited only by your imagination! Being part of Splash brings exposure to your activities and connects people. It’s also a great confidence-builder as you can gain experiences that you may not yet have believed possible.


Name: Jacky Smith

Event: DocWeek

What did you like about being involved with Splash Adelaide? Staff were very helpful – made your project become real.

What does Splash Adelaide mean to you? Your business? Grass root projects and ideas can become real community events.

Advice to people wanting to be a part of Splash? If you have an innovative project – go for it! Splash will assist in your development

Benefits of Splash? Small projects can get off the ground and develop, opportunity to build your portfolio.


Name: Joe Noone

Event: Fork on the Road

What did you like about being involved with Splash Adelaide? Support for a new event/venture

What does Splash Adelaide mean to you? Splash means an opportunity to get something started

Advice to people wanting to be a part of Splash? Give it a go and try something out, and then if it works be ready to make it work on your own

Benefits of Splash? Support, reduced red tape, and staff that is great and willing to help and say yes and go above and beyond.


Name:  State Library of South Australia

Event:   Summer Movies on the Terrace & Nights on the Terrace

What do you like about being involved with Splash Adelaide? The Splash Adelaide team are professional and cheerful to work with.  We are given the freedom to run the event as it best suits us but we also know there is support there if required.

What does Splash Adelaide mean to you? Splash Adelaide allows us to target a completely different audience than we usually do.  It allows young people and families to know that the State Library is a friendly and relaxed place to come and visit.

Advice to people wanting to be a part of Splash? Do it!  It’s a great opportunity to host free events for the community.  We have received so much positive feedback from our events that we would be most happy to collaborate with Splash Adelaide for the foreseeable future.

Benefits of Splash? In what can be challenging financial times, it’s rewarding to know that City of Adelaide are trying to find ways to entertain and support the community by offering a wide range of exciting and entertaining events without putting pressure on the family budget.  Splash Adelaide encourages the community to remember just what a beautiful, vibrant city Adelaide is.


Name: Amanda James-Pritchard (Kooki) and Louise Radman (Radpublic)


What did you like about being involved with Splash Adelaide? It was fabulous to have the support of the energetic Splash team and to collaborate on making an urban lane way wine festival come to life in the East End.

What does Splash Adelaide mean to you? So often there are barriers to entry and red-tape that prevent unique and interesting things happening in the city – Splash Adelaide removes that and encourages people with ideas. It provides a great platform to spread the word about your event and also reduces the all-important cost of elements that might have prevented  a first time event from breaking even.

Advice to people wanting to be a part of Splash? Don’t hesitate!

Benefits of Splash? Marketing and promotion support, event infrastructure, assistance with road closures, licensing and other Council related items.


Name: Brian Lew

Event: Adelaide Night Market

Advice to people wanting to be a part of Splash? You don’t have to be an expert to start your project with Splash Adelaide because they have an established, experienced, resourceful and passionate team to assist you to realise your idea.